9 Piece Makeup Sponge Set

9 Piece Makeup Sponge Set


Soft, High-Quality marshmallow puffs sponges that can be used for either dry or wet.

They expand even bigger when wet.

Works well with any type of beauty products:
- Powder
- Liquid

Perfect makeup tool for everyday use!

- Get even application that results in a flawless complexion
- The flexibility of the sponges is great for blending, highlighting & contouring
- Pointed tip for hard to reach areas and spot correcting
- Curved side, a soft and bouncy surface allows natural & airbrushed finish
- Flat surface for a more high coverage finish & for powder/"baking" application
- Easier to clean & wash

How long does delivery take

Cape town  : 2 days to 4 days
Johannesburg : 3 days to 4 days
Durban : 3 days to 4 days
Other location within south Africa: 4 days to 6 days

All Pre-Ordered item takes 21 days

Other Counties takes 14 days to 37 days