Blackhead removal -vacuum has 3 different adjustable suction modes to choose from. Seeing a dermatologist is expensive , so we've got blackhead removal for you - a must have.It has ultrasonic vibration is easy to suck blackheads, acne, grease, to achieve deep blackhead removal effect, strong suction can also be used Scraping. Blackhead removal will make your skin feel rejuvenated .

Blackhead Removal

  • Features:
    - Uses vacuum absorption technique and imported air pump
    - Strong suction and direct access in the pores
    - Cleans up blackheads and acne
    - Removes dirt and grease from inside of pores
    - Helps to reduce dead skin and fine lines
    - Tightens the skin
    - Three suction levels
    -battery powered

    What's in the box:

    1 X Blackhead removal
    1 X Elliptical Hole Suction Head
    1 X Small Round Hole Suction Head
    1 X Big Round Hole Suction Head
    1 X Artifical probe
    1 X User Manual

How long does delivery take

Cape town  : 2 days to 4 days
Johannesburg : 3 days to 4 days
Durban : 3 days to 4 days
Other location within south Africa: 4 days to 6 days

All Pre-Ordered item takes 21 days

Other Counties takes 14 days to 37 days

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