Good bye to sore neck muscles and back ,Effectively promotes local blood circulation, relaxes local muscles and relieves fatigue. Can be used in the gym, office and self-training at home.

Intelligent pain relief muscle stimulator Cervical Massager

  • Features:

    -Ergonomic pad design, enables great adhesiveness to the shoulder.

    -Suitable for people with neck pain, shoulder numbness caused by cervical vertebra discomfort.

    -With light weight, the neck massager relaxes the neck muscles.

    -Relieve stress Increase blood flow Relieve pain Office syndrome symptoms Clean white design Looks beautiful in a minimalist style.

    -There are a total of 2 massage heads with joints that can be rotated 360 degrees to adjust the position to best fit the shape of each neck.


    -Charging voltage: DC 5V

    -charging current 150MA Nominal

    -voltage: DC 3.7V, power 25W, working time 15 minutes (should not use more high power 6V)

    What's the box:

    1 X Intelligent pain relief muscle stimulator Cervical Massager

    1 X 2 pads 

    1 X USB Cable 

    1 X Connection cable 

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Other location within south Africa: 4 days to 6 days

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